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CerecYears ago, if you broke a tooth, the tooth would probably need to be extracted, or perhaps a crown could be made to cover the tooth and that meant two or three visits to the dentist for the same crown, and wearing a temporary crown for weeks while the permanent one was made.


Cerec crowns look exactly like your natural tooth, made to match your existing tooth color. The best part is that a Cerec crown is made right in the office during an hour long appointment using Cad Cam technology, allowing you to go home that same day with the permanent crown securely placed where the broken tooth was. With Cerec crowns there are no messy impressions or temporaries and are usually less expensive than a traditional crown as there is no middle man. Insurance usually covers them the same as a traditional crown.

Dr Minasian has been highly trained in Cerec dentistry. He is truly a smile specialist.

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