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Fixed bridges

Fixed bridgesHere at Minasian Family Dentistry , we are pleased to offer porcelain fixed bridges for our patients.

Fixed bridgework procedures are used to "bridge" a gap between two teeth where a tooth is missing. Bridgework procedures are very similar to a crown, however, you may need to wear a temporary for several weeks as the digital impression is sent to the lab to be fabricated. Bridges look and feel like your natural teeth and is a common, reasonably priced option to replace missing teeth.

Porcelain fixed bridges are very durable and should last a long time, though you may need to have them re-cemented if they become loose.
Whether or not you are worried about your smile, bridges are also used to keep your remaining teeth in place. It helps you to eat and speak much better, not to mention a beautiful smile that you can be proud of!

Please contact us today at (603) 889-7700 if you have any questions about porcelain fixed bridges or you would like to be seen by one of our dentists.

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